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  • What is a full Zirconia crown?
    A full Zirconia crown is Zirconia metal crushed into a powder, and formed into a block or puck. Zirconia is one of the hardest metals on Earth. Once it is milled into a crown, it is sintered in high heat, giving it its hardness. * Note: Zirconia Crowns require a shoulder or chamfer for best results.
  • What is the alternative to a Non-Precious Metal containing Nickel and Berylium?
    Smile Tech Labs uses Cobalt Chrome, which contains no Nickel or Berylium.
  • Does Smile Tech Labs accept STL files?
    Yes! We accept most files types.
  • What is the best prep for a Zirconia Crown or E-Max?
    We suggest precise marginal design with a circular shoulder or a chamfer preparation with rounded inner edges is important. *Sharp transitions and feather edges must be avoided.
  • Is the Doctor's signature required on the script?
    Yes. Smile Tech Labs requires the Doctor's signature on all scripts and forms. *Required by law
  • Does Wrought Wire contain Nickel?
    Yes. Most Wrought Wire contains Nickel.
  • Does Smile Tech Labs mill abutments?
    Yes. We can mill abutments for your implants. Abutments are available from these 5 suppliers: 1. Straumann 2. Nobel Biocare 3. Dentsply Sirona 4. Zimmer 5. Bio Horizons *Please contact us if you know other suppliers that offer abutments.
  • Can you add and or repair Valplast?
    Some labs do. However, Smile Tech Labs does not add or repair Valplast. From our experience, we suggest a complete remake of the case.
  • Does Smile Tech Labs order parts for implants or any attachments?
    No. We do not order implant parts, or attachments such as Hader Bars, Dove Tail Connectors, ERA’s etc. at this time. We ask doctors to send all parts, including any parts needed to complete the case.
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